E-mail to Chancellor Earl P. "Joe" Johnson


Since your website has the following link concerning the upcoming election,   Learn about the SMCCCD Bond Measure  I think it would be appropriate to provide the additional information below which comes directly from the SMC Elections website.

Thank you.

Jack Hickey


San Mateo County Community College District: 3 seats (4 yr. terms) . No Extension - Election

Karen Schwarz (Incumbent) 1291 Fairview Ave., Redwood City, 94061; 367.5037; ukare@aol.com

Patricia Henderson Miljanich (Incumbent) 600 Castle Hill Rd., Redwood City, 94061; 558.1480 (day) 368.6983 (eve); patmiljan@aol.com

Thomas L. Constantino (Incumbent) 950 Wilmington Way, Redwood City, 94062; 432.2324 (day) 366.7166 (eve)

Robert Bentley (Educator/Businessman) 47 Sea Breeze Dr., Half Moon Bay, 94019

John J. "Jack" Hickey (Retired Research Scientist) 243 Ferndale Way, Emerald Hills (Redwood City), 94062; 368.5722 (ph.) 368.0461 (fax); jackhick@cwnet.com; http://users.cwnet.com/jackhick

Margret Buckley Schmidt (Engineering Manager) 911 Fulton St., Redwood City, 94061-1724; 369.6986; schmidt_smc@yahoo.com ;

Tullio "Til" Bertini (Author/Retired Educator) Millbrae, 94030; 583.2323; tbertini@pacbell.net